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buy or sell 1 oz silver coins at fair price

Here you can buy 1 oz silver coins are oriented in value to the daily silver price.

1 oz silver coins you can buy and sell here at a fair price. When deciding to include in your portfolio 1 oz silver coins, you benefit from the differential taxation applied by us since 01.01.2014, because silver coins must be taxed like silver bars with 19% VAT since 2014. Unless the dealer uses the option to tax the silver coins differential. This makes the coin significantly cheaper than if the regular VAT rate is taken into account.

The higher the weight of the silver coins, the lower their price per gram, because the cost of production also plays a role, in addition to the price of silver, to determine the price and value for the silver coins. 1 kg silver coins are therefore cheaper in price per gram of silver compared to 1 ounce silver coins.

Brief presentation of the selection of 1 oz silver coins in our store:

Our assortment includes various 1 oz silver coins, the value of which is based on the current silver rate . Below we present an excerpt from our range of 1 troy ounce silver coins.

1 troy ounce Australian Kookaburra silver coin

Popular among investors and collectors, you can buy and sell the 1 oz silver coin Australian Kookaburra in our store. The 1 oz silver coin Kookaburra fascinates with the motifs of the largest kingfisher on earth. Details about the 1 oz silver coins Kookaburra from Australia are available on the product page .

1 oz silver coin Maple Leaf from Canada

The Maple Leaf 1 oz silver coin is available for purchase in our assortment. The 1 troy ounce silver coin Maple Leaf has a diameter of 38 mm and is about 3.15 mm thick. On the product page you can find the detailed specification of the Canadian 1 oz silver coins.

1 oz Silver Coins American Silver Eagle

The 1 oz silver coins American Silver Eagle is made of 999.3 thousandths of silver, making it the heaviest silver coin in the USA. For more details, please see the product portrait.

1 Fine Ounce Silver Coins Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

The 1 ounce silver coins Vienna Philharmonic you can also buy or sell with us. The diameter of a 1 troy ounce silver coin Vienna Philharmonic is 37 mm, the thickness is 3.2 mm. More details about the 1 oz silver coin Vienna Philharmonic are available on the product page .

Practical packaging of the 1 oz silver coins

For the 1 oz silver coins that you can buy or sell in our assortment, we offer you the practical packaging units in Tubesizes , so your 1 oz silver coins are optimally protected against damage, whereby your 1 troy ounce silver coins retain their value in the best possible way.Gold bars silver bars surcharge

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