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Silver subject to VAT

19%  "Cost" for the Private Investor

While the purchase of investment gold in Germany is exempt from VAT, the purchase of silver is subject to VAT at 19%. This is very annoying for private investors, because when selling the silver later, one does not get this VAT refunded. In simple terms, the value of silver must first increase by 19% in order to "go up 0 to 0" when it is sold. Only with larger increases in value does one actually achieve a positive return.

The solution: Duty-free storage - No VAT through intelligent silver storage

With the SOLIT Precious Metal Depot you save the "costs" in the form of the 19% VAT: This is possible by storing the purchased silver in a so-called bonded warehouse in Switzerland. A bonded warehouse is a storage room that is physically located in Switzerland, but is classified as a transit area under customs law. As long as goods are in this warehouse, they do not have to be cleared through customs. Only when the goods are removed from the warehouse would customs duty and thus VAT be payable.

Duty-free storage of silver

This is how duty-free storage works

With the SOLIT precious metal depot, you kill two birds with one stone: On the one hand, you ensure secure storage of your precious metal holdings and, on the other hand, you save the regular value-added tax incurred when purchasing silver.

The bonded warehouse of the SOLIT precious metal depot is located in a high-security vault a few kilometers from Zurich. The stored precious metal stocks are not only monitored with the latest security technology, but are also 100% insured at all times. For more information, please refer to the menu item "Security".

If you decide to purchase silver through your SOLIT precious metal depot, it will be delivered directly to the bonded warehouse by the manufacturers, so that VAT does not have to be paid - the purchase of silver is made at the net price. You thus achieve a purchasing advantage of 19 %. If you wish to dispose of your silver at a later date, you can choose at that time to have it delivered to you in the form of bars. In this case, the VAT must be paid at the time of delivery. If you decide to keep the metal in Switzerland after withdrawing it from the SOLIT precious metal depository, you will still save money compared to buying it in Germany, because the Swiss VAT rate is only 8% (the difference to the VAT rate applicable in Germany must be paid upon importation into Germany). Most investors prefer to sell their silver bars and receive the equivalent value. In this case, you are not affected by a VAT charge at any time and save 100% of it.

The purchase of gold bars is VAT-free anyway. If you decide to purchase gold through your SOLIT precious metal depot, you will benefit from secure and insured storage.

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