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Customers recruit customers

Your recommendation is worth pure gold to us !

Overall, our customers rate our order processing at Trusted Shops as "very good".

If you also consider our service to be worth recommending, simply recommend us to others and secure yourself an attractive recommendation bonus!

In order to make recommending us not only worthwhile, but also easy for you, we offer our customer-recruit-customer program.

Gold and silver for your successful recommendation

For each successful referral of a new customer, you will receive a valuable premium voucher depending on the order value placed by the referred customer.

You can redeem this voucher with your next order and receive the following attractive articles free of charge:

Premiums graphic

Please note the conditions of participation at the bottom of the page.

This is how you can recommend us and secure your bonus

We have already set up a personal recommendation link for you. You will find this link in your customer account. Simply forward this link supplemented with your personal message to the person to whom you would like to recommend You can send the link e.g. uncomplicated by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. We are looking forward to your recommendation!

Conditions of participation: Customer-refer-customer program

Every customer of can participate and recruit new customers. New customers are persons who have never placed an order with The self-advertisement as well as the advertisement of persons living in the same household as well as underage children are excluded.

The customer advertising must take place over the personalized recommendation link. If the order is not placed via the personalized referral link or if there is already another agreement regarding the solicitation of customers (e.g. connection as a sales partner to the SOLIT Group), the soliciting party is not entitled to any rewards from the customer-recruit-customer program.

Employees of SOLIT Management GmbH and its affiliated companies as well as their family members, persons under 18 years of age and cooperation partners of SOLIT Management GmbH  cannot acquire any premium claims from this campaign. The same applies to any sub-agents engaged in connection with the brokerage of products from the range offered by SOLIT Management GmbH. Furthermore, neither the billing nor the delivery address may be traced back to the advertiser(s).

In order for a premium claim to come into effect, the advertised person must place an order for which a charge is made. A premium delivery abroad is only possible if supplies this country as standard. The order must also be completely delivered and thus completed.

The premium depends on the net commodity value (without VAT)  of the first order of the new customer and is graduated as follows:

Up to € 1,000.00 order value: 8.9 g copper New Year coin Glück is a Vogerl 2022

Up to 2.499,99 € order value: 15 g copper 10 Euro With the language of flowers Dandelion 2022

Up to 4.999,99 € order value: 1 ounce silver Britannia 2022

Up to 9.999,99 € order value: 1 g gold bar C. Hafner

From 10.000,00 € order value: 2 g gold bar C. Hafner

The premium voucher can be redeemed within six months of issue and only once. For this purpose an online order must be placed with Beside the premium article still another liable to pay the costs precious metal article must be put into the Warenkorb and be entered afterwards the sent coupon code. The required minimum turnover of the shopping cart for the article to be redeemed can be found in the table below. Possible shipping costs according to the current general terms and conditions of SOLIT Management GmbH will be charged regularly in connection with the delivery of the premium.

Minimum sales (incl. amount of the premium item)


Minimum purchase

2g gold bar C. Hafner


1g gold bar C. Hafner


1 ounce silver Britannia 2022


15g copper dandelion 2022


8,9g copper New Year coin


If the desired premium is no longer available, SOLIT Management GmbH is entitled to deliver a  equivalent replacement premium.

The premium will only be sent out if all requirements for the premium are fulfilled at the beginning of the following month. Legal recourse is excluded.

 SOLIT Management GmbH reserves the right to exclude advertisers from the customer-acquire-customer program if there are indications that the customer advertising is abusive.