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FAQ about the payment method

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When will you receive an invoice or payment request?

It depends on when you place your order:

On working days between 8 am and 7 pm:

Immediately after we receive your order, we check and process it. Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation of acceptance and a short time later an invoice and request for payment by e-mail.

Outside these times and on Hessian holidays:

Since your order is manually checked and processed by us, you will not receive an acceptance confirmation and invoice until the next business day around 8 am.

When and how does an order have to be paid?

The precious metals trade is characterized by tight payment terms. Orders are usually paid before delivery.

Immediately after we have accepted your order, you will receive a payment request and invoice by e-mail.

If you have chosen the payment method prepayment / bank transfer, the invoice amount must be received by us within three working days.

If you pay via giropay, you will be directed to the giropay  website for payment during the ordering process. Only after successful payment, the order can be sent on our website. Please note that for payment by giropay an additional payment method surcharge of 1.2% of the cart value + 0.35 € will be charged.

Optionally, you can order the goods by cash on delivery. In this case, the goods will be shipped on the next business day. When the parcel service delivers the goods, you pay cash at your door. As soon as the money has been transferred to us, you will receive a payment confirmation by e-mail.

Alternatively, you can also specify when ordering online that you want to pay cash at pickup. Since this involves more effort, we charge a flat fee of 119.90 euros for this.

Alternatively, you can visit one of our more than 100 partner locations in Germany to complete a so-called " Tafelgeschäft " on site in exchange for cash payment.

Why does charge a payment surcharge for payment via giropay?

Payment processing service providers, such as giropay, charge the merchant for payment processing based on turnover. These are sometimes higher than the merchant margins for trading precious metals.

In order to always be able to offer attractive sales prices to all customers - regardless of the selected payment method - we pass on the fees we incur to you as the customer. So you can decide individually if a favorable total price is more important to you when paying in advance or if you prefer the payment with costs by giropay.

What are the bank details of

You will find our bank details on your invoice. You will receive this automatically after accepting your order. In addition, you can retrieve this as well as past invoices in your customer account under "my orders" again.

How do you know that we have received your money?

We inform transparently about every processing step of your order. As soon as we can record a receipt of payment for your order, we will confirm the receipt of money immediately by e-mail.

What is a table transaction?

A table transaction is the purchase of bars and coins against cash payment. Up to an amount of 1,999.99 euros, this is also possible anonymously. We offer this option in over 100 cities in Germany.

Can you also pay cash on site?

Yes, we offer two options for this:

The option preferred by most customers is to make an appointment at one of over 100 locations in Germany to buy precious metals anonymously on site for cash payment within the framework of the legal requirements.

Alternatively, you can also order online from us and arrange cash payment on collection. In this case, however, the purchase is not anonymous. To do this, select the payment option "cash payment at pickup" in the ordering process.

Why do the cash prices differ from the online prices?

We want to make our online prices attractive to customers who make their own investment decisions and order online. Our order processing and shipping processes are optimized so that we can have your order ready to ship within minutes.

Cashtransactions, on the other hand, require more attention: for consulting, processing the payment, transporting the money to the bank, issuing the goods, and shipping them from our logistics center to our cash shops, significantly higher expenses are incurred in terms of personnel, time, and finances, which are taken into account in our cash prices. Nevertheless, a comparison of our cash prices with those of a local bank, for example, shows that we also offer a thoroughly attractive range of products for cash payers.

Do you have to make an appointment when buying cash on the spot / table?

Yes, this is recommended, as we would like to take the time to give you expert advice. In addition, some locations of our cooperation partners are not permanently staffed.

Therefore, please make an appointment in advance by phone or e-mail. You can find the contact details of your nearest location in our location finder.

What security does offer when I pay in advance by bank transfer?

With us, the word still counts. We assure you that we live up to our multiple awards as the best precious metal dealer.

However, we can understand that you would like to have more security, especially for larger transactions using advance payment. With the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection we offer you a cost-effective way to protect your order against the risk of non-delivery. 

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