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About the author

Dr. Markus Krall, who holds a doctorate in economics and is the author of the two manager magazin bestsellers "Der Draghi-Crash" and "Wenn schwarze Schwäne Junge kriegen", has 25 years of experience in the financial industry. After starting his career on the board of Allianz AG, he worked as a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, played a key role in building up Oliver Wyman in Germany as a partner, and finally joined McKinsey in 2003 as a senior partner and head of the risk practice. As chief risk officer and member of the board of management, he then played a key role in the successful turnaround of the world's eighth-largest reinsurance company.

As a Senior Partner at Roland Berger, he organized the initiative to establish a European rating agency. Currently, Dr. Markus Krall is Managing Director and Head of Financial Institutions at goetzpartners.


About the book 

Risk avoidance currently seems to be the panacea for solving all our problems. Central banks are drowning the dangers of our economic and banking system with vast amounts of money, and politicians are also trying to sweep social ills under the carpet with generous gifts  . The desire for "business as usual" seems all-encompassing. But without risk, there is no progress, no learning, no insight. Markus Krall, bestselling author of "The Draghi Crash" and one of the most profound experts on the risk landscape, shows where the unloading distortions in the economy and politics, the rapid technological development and the geostrategic misguided developments can lead to potential catastrophes. He also shows where we can intervene to put our society on a new - better - footing. A gripping parforceride through a world that will no longer be the same tomorrow.

We hope you enjoy reading this book and wish you many informative reading moments.


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