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What all does offer?

Our assortment includes:


In addition, we offer you extensive services free of charge:

For whom are precious metals, such as gold and silver, suitable?

Gold bars target group

There are many reasons for buying precious metals. Depending on the life situation, special motives are added:

As a pension saver

It is generally known that the statutory pension is no longer sufficient. The private retirement savings also bought with shiny gold as retirement savings and retired in 2015 at 65, could enjoy a value increase of over 700% - tax-free! During the same period, shares of listed AGs also achieved partly considerable returns, but these are subject to the final withholding tax of 25% and one or the other company no longer exists today - the shares have become worthless. Examples of traditional companies: Philipp Holzmann AG, Bremer Vulkan AG, Karstadt AG. Gold, on the other hand, never goes bankrupt.

As a pensioner

As a pensioner, you earn your living with the money you have saved over decades. Gold has always been considered stable in value and inflation compensating in the long term and is therefore very popular with security-conscious investors. With the monthly sale of gold reserves, you can supplement your pension and always have an overview of the remaining assets.

As guests at a wedding

For a wedding or even a golden wedding, it is a good idea to buy gold bars as a noble gift that holds its value and gives the bride and groom financial leeway. Compared to giving cash as a gift, bullion gold has the advantage that it can be given in style, for example, in a gift box with a wedding greeting.

As future godparents

Already the holy three kings gave away myrrh, frankincense and gold to the baby Jesus. With a gold bar for the birth you set the basis for a financial foundation. It is also possible to buy it from us with a gift box with congratulations on the birth.

As an entrepreneur

As a company with an affinity for gold, it is a good idea to invest liquidity reserves in gold. The advantage of this is that you diversify your business assets around the world currency. In addition, one has the chance to improve the company result by additional exchange rate gains, while bank deposits earn almost no interest or partly melt down due to negative interest rates.

Which products are particularly popular?

In principle, gold bars are bought more frequently than silver coins, but the opposite is true of silver bars

In the case of gold bars, one of the reasons is that the price per gram is somewhat lower than for gold coins.

Silver coins, on the other hand, are taxed more attractively than silver bars.

Here is an overview of our customers' favorites sorted by actual sales figures:

Most popular gold coins

Most popular gold bars

Most popular silver coins

Most popular silver bars

Should you buy gold or silver?

No, you should not buy gold or buy silver, but gold AND silver: In the long term, silver has the higher appreciation potential in our eyes. Why this is so, we would like to explain to you on the basis of the gold-silver ratio. However, silver is also subject to higher short-term price fluctuations than gold.

As an investor with a balanced investment strategy, you could split the planned investment amount equally between gold and silver. If you are opportunity-oriented, silver should be overweighted, and if you have a pronounced security inclination, gold should predominate.

Should you rather buy bars or coins?

With gold, the difference between bars and coins is not very great, so there is no "right" or "wrong". We've provided you with a guide to buying gold that compares the advantages of bars and coins.

With silver, on the other hand, it is clearer: silver bars are tax-disadvantaged in Germany, which is why we recommend buying silver coins. You can save up to 12%.

Here, too, we have a guide to buying silver.

How can I take a closer look at bars and coins?

On each product page you will find high-resolution product images. By clicking on the small preview image below the large product image you can change the product images. Move the mouse over the product image to enlarge sections. By double-clicking on the image it appears enlarged.

For many bars and coins we also offer a 360° all-round view. If you see this symbol on a product page, start the 360° view by double-clicking on it:

How can you build a meaningful retirement plan?

Gold and silver have endured as a valuable currency for thousands of years. The two precious metals are therefore excellently suited as a store of value and therefore as a retirement provision.

So that you can look forward to a "golden retirement", we would like to give you the following advice:

We recommend that you do not buy too small, because in relation to the price per gram, a small bar costs much more than a large one. Therefore, rather save and invest gradually in cost-efficient bars and coins from one troy ounce (31.1 grams) upwards.

Alternatively, we advise a savings plan with which you regularly purchase a fraction of a larger bar.

Is there also a savings plan?

Yes, we offer the only savings plan that has already been awarded "Best Gold Savings Plan" by Focus Money. The minimum monthly savings rate is only 50 euros. One-time investments are of course also possible. Details of the gold & silver savings plan.

Which bars and coins are suitable as gifts?

Choose from a wide range of bars and coins suitable as gifts:

Bars and coins with dedications and gift cases

Zodiac gold bars

Valuable and strictly limited collectibles

Floating frames: Suitable as universal gift packaging for almost any coin

Box safes as original gift packaging

Is there also gold from sustainable production?

Yes, we even carry a very wide range in this regard:

All C. Hafner gold bars, for example, are made exclusively in Germany from gold recycled according to German social and environmental standards. No mine gold is used. More details on environmentally friendly gold.


Do bars and coins come with a certificate of authenticity?

Certificates of authenticity are issued by the manufacturer. In the case of gold bars, this is widespread. Therefore, all gold bars you purchase from us have a certificate of authenticity included unless otherwise stated.

For all other bars and coins it is rather the exception that a certificate is issued by the manufacturer and can therefore be enclosed. Exceptions are, for example, strictly limited collector coins and the 5 kg Noah's Ark silver coin.

Do bars and coins have a serial number?

Coins generally do not have a serial number, but bars do. However, we do not log which bar we send to which customer with which serial number.

What is meant by an ounce?

When one speaks of an ounce in relation to precious metals, one usually means a troy ounce (oz or tr. oz. for short). Its weight corresponds to that of an apothecary ounce: 31.1034768 grams.

Weights of bars and coins always refer to the precious metal content. For example, a 1-ounce Krugerrand coin does not weigh about 31.1 grams, but about 33.93 grams. The coin consists of 91.6% gold and the rest is copper. Therefore, its fine weight is one troy ounce (= 31.1 grams), but the gross weight is higher.

Where does get its goods from?

We purchase the offered bars and coins directly from well-known manufacturers, such as Heraeus, Umicore or C. Hafner and partly from wholesalers.

All incoming goods are checked by us for quality, condition and authenticity.

What are the white cotton gloves for, which you get for free as a new customer?

Bars and coins represent valuable treasures that want to be treated with care. Touching them with the bare hand can leave fingerprints on the precious metal that are difficult to remove. We therefore recommend that you always wear gloves. Therefore, as a new customer, you will receive a pair of cotton gloves free with your first order.

How can you protect bars and coins from scratches?

Gold bars are usually delivered in a plastic blister pack. If you do not open the blister, the bar is quite safely protected from external influences. Opening the blister also has the effect of reducing the value, as lower purchase prices are usually paid for bars without a blister.

Unless a coin is stored in a coin capsule or several in a so-called tube, it is advisable to change this.

What can be used to hide valuables at home?

We offer a selection of creative hiding places. However, please note that your valuables stored in this way are usually not insured against loss / theft.

What secure storage options are available?

If you want to store larger amounts of precious metals at home, you should look into the topic of burglary protection & saf es. In our guidebook "Storing Gold & Silver Safely", we present various safekeeping options, such as a safe deposit box.

We recommend our valuables depository as a secure, always insured and bank-independent safekeeping option.

Where can you get information about gold and silver in general?

Our Infothek offers a first overview. On the equivalent of more than 100 DIN A4 pages, you will learn, for example, why you should invest in precious metals. It starts with the natural occurrences of gold and silver.

As a subscriber to our free newsletter, you will also receive a weekly market analysis and background information.

You can also find the latest news in our blog.

Where can you find current & historical market prices for precious metals?

To the overview: Precious metal prices

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