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10 x 1/2 Unze Gold Wiener Philharmoniker 2024

Bundle 1/2 Ounce Gold Vienna Philharmonic 2022

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  • 10x 1/2 Ounce Gold Vienna Philharmonic 2022


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This Investment Bundle contains:

The Austrian Mint was mentioned in documents as early as 1397. This long-established mint... more
Product information "1/2 Ounce Gold Vienna Philharmonic 2022"

The Austrian Mint was mentioned in documents as early as 1397. This long-established mint produces a wide variety of investment and collectible products from precious metal. The product range includes commemorative, gift and collector coins. In addition, this precious metal manufacturer produces high-quality gold bars and bullion coins

The gold coin "Vienna Philharmonic" was first traded in October 1989. At the beginning, only the denominations of 1 ounce and 1/4 ounce were minted. From 1991, the denomination of the Vienna Philharmonic gold coins was expanded to 1/10 ounce and in 1994, the coins with 1/2 ounce were added to the range. From 2008 then followed the expansion to the 1 oz silver coin of the Vienna Philharmonic. 

Specification of the 1/2 oz gold Vienna Philharmonic 2022

The gold coin Vienna Philharmonic minted from pure gold with a fineness of 999.9 / 1,000 has a raw weight of 15.55 g and the diameter of the coin is 28 mm. The edge is fluted and the face value is 50 euros.

Motif and value side Vienna Philharmonic 2022 gold coin 1/2 oz

Motif side:

On the obverse of the gold coin are depicted the instruments of the world-famous orchestra from Vienna. In the center is a cello, which is surrounded by four violins, a horn, a harp and a bassoon. The wrap-around inscription reads "WIENER PHILHAMONIKER".

1 Ounce Gold Vienna Philharmonic 2022

Value side:

The reverse depicts the organ in the golden hall of the Vienna Musikverein. The inscription on the edge of the coin reads "REPUBLIC OF AUSTRIA" on the upper half, below the image is the fine weight "1/2 ounce GOLD", the fineness "999.9", the year "2022" and the nominal value "50 EURO".

1/2 oz Gold Vienna Philharmonic 2022

Packaging of the Austrian gold coin Vienna Philharmonic 2022

Individually packaged, you will receive the gold coin in a transparent coin pouch, which optimally protects the coin from scratches, dirt or other damage. In case of a quantity of 10 coins you will receive the product in a plastic tube. 

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Available downloads:
Artikelnummer: BD-AU-M-WP-002-10
Metal: Gold
Manufacturer: Austria Mint
Country of origin: Austria
Vintage: 2024
State: as new or mint
Gross weight: 15,55 g
Fine weight: 1/2 oz (15.55 g)
Fineness: 999,9 / 1.000
Nominal value: 50 euro
Diameter: 28,00 mm
Single packing: in transparent coin pouch
Quantity packaging: 10 each in plastic tube
Storage locations: Storage in Frankfurt a. M. (D), Storage in Zurich (CH), Storage in Halifax (CA)
Intended use: Bullion coin
Special price: Yes