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Give gold and silver in style

You want to buy gold and give it as a gift? Below you will get tips on how to give it away in style.

Gold and silver coins float in a designer frame

Gold and silver coins float in designer frameDo you want to give silver coins as a gift and want them to look their best? Then the optional floating frame offered as gift packaging is just the thing!

The coin seems to float in the middle of the modern and elegant looking frame, as it is held centrally by two almost invisible silicone membranes.

Immediately upon opening your precious gift, the recipient will be amazed as the coin will directly catch their eye.


Show off the most beautiful gold and silver coins with the noble black floating frame

We have been told that the presentee often displays the coin in the elegant floating frame, for example in a showcase or on a shelf. Many of our customers order it not as gift packaging, but to elegantly display their most beautiful coins.

Easy to handle, elegant and protecting from dust

Thanks to the practical magnetic clip closure, the frame can be completely opened and closed like a book. The exhibit, e.g. a coin or a small gold bar, can be taken out at any time to exchange it for another one. Simply place the object on one of the two transparent silicone membranes and close the frame.

The object is now firmly encased by the two silicone membranes and remains securely in place. The floating frame closes perfectly and thus reliably protects the exhibit from dust.

Dimensions and frame color

Frame colors: Black  
Outer dimensions: approx. 100 x 100 mm  
Window dimension: approx. 70 x 70 mm  

How to order the floating frame

For almost all coins we offer, you will be offered the option to order the hover frame directly on the product page. So choose the gold or silver coin that gives you the most pleasure and have it delivered right away in the hover frame. Gold coins


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