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Vorderseite 50 gr. Palladiumbarren

50 g palladium bars

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You can sell us your precious metals by sending them to us, by having us pick them up insured or by dropping them off at our branches in Mainz or Wiesbaden. You will receive the equivalent value immediately after inspection of the goods by bank transfer. Cash payment is also possible when you hand in the goods at the branch.
Important note You will receive a 50 g  palladium bar from various LBMA... more
Product information "50 g palladium bars"

Important note

You will receive a 50 g palladium bar from various LBMA certified manufacturers depending on availability. In addition, only palladium bars that have been purchased in bulk or without a certificate are available under this article. Bars that have neither certificate, nor packaging are also available under this article. 

From which manufacturer you receive your palladium bars will be decided by us according to availability. We reserve this right, but you can be sure that all palladium bars we sell meet the Good Delivery Standard of the LBMA and are therefore of high quality. 

Dimensions and specifications of 50g palladium bars

As you will get different bars under this item, the dimensions may differ from each other. 

Packaging of the palladium bars

Depending on the manufacturer and availability, you will receive the palladium bars unpacked and partly without certificate.

50 g palladium bars purchase and sale

For sale we are of course also at your disposal. Please send us your request and we will inform you about our current price.

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Artikelnummer: PD-B-DIV-001
Metal: Palladium
Manufacturer: Div. LBMA manufacturer
State: good to very good condition
Gross weight: 50,00 g
Fine weight: 1.61 oz (50 g)
Fineness: 999,5 / 1000
Manufacturing process: embossed
Single packing: Loose
Storage locations: Storage in Frankfurt a. M. (D), Storage in Zurich (CH)
Intended use: Investment Bars
50 g Platinbarren diverse Hersteller
50 g platinum ingot
Content 50,0000 Gramm (€37.35 * / 1 Gramm)
€1,867.30 * 19% MwSt. | plus shipping costs
Vorderseite 100 gr. Palladiumbarren
100 g palladium bars
Content 100,0000 Gramm (€49.93 * / 1 Gramm)
€4,993.29 * 19% MwSt. | plus shipping costs

In stock, available for immediate delivery In stock! Immediately available!

500 gr. Palladiumbarren
500 g Palladiumbarren diverse
Content 500,0000 Gramm (€52.34 * / 1 Gramm)
€26,168.20 * 19% MwSt. | Free shipping
Vorderseite 1 kg Palladiumbarren
1 kg palladium bars
Content 1.000,0000 Gramm (€37.35 * / 1 Gramm)
€37,345.23 * 19% MwSt. | Free shipping
Vorderseite 10 gr. Palladiumbarren
10 g palladium bars
Content 10,0000 Gramm (€54.29 * / 1 Gramm)
€542.88 * 19% MwSt. | plus shipping costs
Vorderseite 1 oz Palladiumbarren
1 Ounce Palladium Bars
Content 31,1000 Gramm (€48.43 * / 1 Gramm)
€1,506.21 * 19% MwSt. | plus shipping costs

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