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1 kg silver Armenia Noah's Ark various vintages

Fine weight: 1.000,0000 Gramm ( ... * / 1 Gramm)

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The silver coin known as "Noah's Ark" has been produced under license from the Armenian... more
Product information "1 kg silver Armenia Noah's Ark various vintages"

The silver coin known as "Noah's Ark" has been produced under license from the Armenian central bank in Germany since 2011 as an agency issue. The Armenian coin is produced in the Leipzig metal processing LEV in German quality work and is with its extraordinary motif and high purity an ideal investment. To protect it from scratches, the 1 kg silver coin is delivered in a coin capsule, and ten coins are delivered in a high-quality wooden box, which is also made in Germany in genuine Erzgebirge craftsmanship tradition.

High minting quality due to production "made in Germany

The production of the Noah's Ark silver coin takes place in one of the most modern mints in Germany. In the privately run Leipziger Metallverarbeitung LEV, coins have been produced in the highest quality for more than 800 years and sold both domestically and abroad. This unique workmanship is made possible by the company's more than 800-year tradition, the many years of experience of its employees, and the use of LBMA-certified raw materials. They are characterized by a high purity, through which the coin has a fineness of 999/1000.

In the following video, investors will get an insight into the production of the Noah's Ark silver coin:

The reverse shows the eponymous motif - Noah's Ark

On the reverse of the 1 kg silver coin, the biblical story of Noah is described. He was chosen by God to build a large ship before the Flood, with which he was to save both himself and his relatives, as well as a pair of each animal species. After the ebb of the flight, research showed that Noah's Ark was stranded in the mountains of Ararat. Thus, this mountain has immense symbolic character not only for Christians, but also for the Armenian people, which this unique coin exudes. It shows Noah's ship floating in front of the rising sun and the double peak of Ararat, which saved it from the Flood. In the foreground of the ship is a dove of peace carrying an olive branch in its beak. According to the Bible text, this announced the end of the Flood and thus the end of Noah's journey. Although Mount Ararat is now part of Turkey rather than Armenia, it remains part of the country's 2,500-year history and is still reflected in the national coat of arms.

The obverse of the coin shows the versatile national coat of arms

Armenia is a country with a rich culture and history. Even today, numerous cultural monuments bear witness to this, many of which are even UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This diverse culture can also be seen in the national coat of arms of the country in various symbolisms. This national coat of arms, which shows the four Armenian royal houses of Arschakuni, Artaschesian, Bagratuni and Runianian, was applied to the obverse of the coin in high quality. Then, in the central shield, Mount Ararat and even the contours of Noah's Ark are visible. This shows how closely this story is connected with the history of Armenia. To the left behind the symbolic national coat of arms, the coin shows a proud eagle, to the right of which a lion serves as the heraldic holder. These two animals are supposed to express mental strength and power, but also courage and steadfastness. Below the coat of arms, on the other hand, an upright sword with a chain testifies to the struggle of the poor for freedom and independence. The feather and the ear of corn in the background of the sword symbolize the creativity and peacefulness of the country.

Face value and fineness of each coin visible

Also on the front of the Noah's Ark silver coin is the respective face value of the coin imprinted. The 1 kg silver coin features a face value of 10,000 drams and would thus be usable as official currency in Armenia. However, due to the high fineness of 999/1000, the material value exceeds the face value many times over, so this coin is not used as currency. In addition to the face value, the obverse of the coin with the LEV logo also indicates that it was minted in Germany, shows the fine weight of 1 kg and the fineness of Ag999. Finally, the inscription "Republic of Armenia" was stamped on the edge of the obverse, so that the origin of the coin can be determined perfectly. .

Safe delivery also possible in a wooden box

In order not to jeopardize the high-quality minting of the 1 kg silver coin Noah's Ark and thus negatively affect the coin value, each coin is delivered in a coin capsule. The coins are suitable as an ideal gift. Investors who decide to purchase ten coins will also receive a sturdy wooden box, which is made in handicraft workshops in the Ore Mountains. This wooden box not only ensures safekeeping, but is also a real eye-catcher with the silver national emblem of Armenia with eagle and lion.

Tips for buying and selling 1 kg silver Armenia Noah's Ark various vintages

Investors who want to invest on the one hand in silver as a material asset and on the other hand in a coin with high quality and a unique motif, can buy the 1 kg silver coin Noah's Ark now. In addition to the 1 kg coin, other coins weighing ¼, ½, one troy ounce and 5 kg are also available in the store. Each of these coins is unique and therefore not only for your own investment, but also ideal as a high-quality gift for baptism, birth, wedding or anniversaries. When buying the coins at, investors can also purchase them at a particularly favorable price, because this store uses the differential taxation procedure. This procedure ensures in contrast to the purchase to 19 per cent value added tax low purchase prices and thus favorable acquisition costs. Thus, investors can invest inexpensively in a unique European silver coin and hereby benefit from the increases in the price of silver. We also offer attractive conditions when selling the silver coin.

If you want to sell us your silver coin, simply place the corresponding items in the desired quantity via the Sell button in the purchase basket and complete your sale. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation and all further information about shipping and payment.

The stated purchase price is only valid for as good as new items in tradable condition. Otherwise we will buy the items as old silver. This also applies to products that we do not have in our assortment. For further information: to the silver purchase.

Note on the purchase

The selection of mintage years at delivery is randomly based on availability at the time you purchase the coin. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for special vintages. The coin is in good to very good condition and may show slight signs of wear.

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Artikelnummer: AG-M-AN-004
Metal: Silver
Manufacturer: LEV Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH
Country of origin: Republic of Armenia
Vintage: Various
State: good to very good condition
Gross weight: 1,00 kg
Fine weight: 32,15 oz (1000 g)
Fineness: 999,0 / 1.000
Nominal value: 10.000 dram
Diameter: 101.00 mm
Single packing: Coin capsule
Quantity packaging: 10 each in high quality wooden box
Special packing: in wooden box
Storage locations: Storage in Frankfurt a. M. (D)
Intended use: Bullion coin
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