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Appreciated for over 5,000 years

What do all currencies have in common that are based merely on a promise to pay and are therefore also referred to as paper money? Their finiteness.

Germans in particular still have painful memories of the cruel expropriation of wealth caused by the hyperinflation of the Reichsmark: Within hours, the price of a loaf of bread doubled during the late phase of inflation in the period from 1914 to 1923. At its peak, a loaf of bread last cost 4.2 trillion Reichsmarks.

What do silver have in common? Their value - over thousands of years.

The two gold has, has always money!".

Also in the above-mentioned hyperinflation time the precious metals could prove their advantages: While in 1914 one Reichsmark still got one gold mark, the exchange ratio at the time of the currency reform at the end of 1923 was 1 trillion Reichsmarks for one gold mark. While owners of Reichsmarks were impoverished by the minute, those who transferred their assets to gold marks in time were able to save them through hyperinflation.

History Repeats Itself - The Creeping Decline of the Euro and the U.S. Dollar

Granted: We do not consider it impossible that the hyperinflation scenario of 1914 to 1923 will repeat itself, but it is unlikely at present. Nevertheless, it is clear that the world currencies euro and U.S. dollar are becoming increasingly "soft" and are constantly losing value:

Purchasing power

golden constant

Savers who have invested their savings in bonds or bank deposits are creeping, almost unnoticed victims of inflation - many capital investments today already have a negative real interest rate when adjusted for inflation: Assets are dwindling instead of increasing.

An impressive and easily understandable explanation why all our world currencies are "deathly ill" is the "Story of the goldsmith Fabian - why money is missing everywhere" filmed as a video:


Therefore Gold and Silver - The Ideal Currencies: Natural scarcity and always in demand

The natural occurrence of gold and silver is limited and the artificial production is not possible. At the same time, there is always a demand for the precious metals: As a wealth-preserving substitute currency or also in industry. Gold and silver are not only needed as jewelry: Silver in particular is an indispensable industrial raw material. Silver is used in electrical appliances, catalytic converters and medical equipment because of its excellent chemical properties.

Both precious metals are much scarcer than one would expect, as this chart impressively shows:

Available quantity of gold and silver

 Since the turn of the millennium, both precious metals have appreciated significantly against all major currencies:


Despite the strong price correction in 2018, investors were able to achieve clear double-digit returns per year in all compared currencies.

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