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Professional purchasing strategy

Purchase of large bars directly from the manufacturer


Within the SOLIT Precious Metal Depot, silver bars are purchased directly from renowned manufacturers such as Umicore and Heraeus at institutional conditions. This ensures that all bars meet the highest quality standards and are internationally recognized.

Only gold bars from 1 kg and silver bars from 5 kg are purchased, in order to achieve the most efficient ratio of minting costs to material value and thus the most favorable purchase price per gram due to these lot sizes. In the case of physical handover or delivery of the bars, you have the option of exchanging them for smaller units. In the case of gold, physical delivery is also possible in 100 gram bars.

The purchase is made at the fixing price of the London Stock Exchange plus clearly defined maximum premiums. Only registered bars with a fineness of at least 999/1,000 are purchased from producers who belong to the "Good Delivery List of Acceptable Refiners" of the "London Bullion Market Association" (LBMA).

Overview of conditions and costs

Acquisition as one-time investment and savings plan possible

  • Only 2,000 € minimum investment
  • Optional allocation to gold and silver possible
  • Daily cancellable
  • Savings plan possible from 50 € / month (min. 12 installments)

Moderate costs for setup and insured storage

  • Premium: On request
  • Freely selectable allocation between gold and silver
  • Ongoing custody fee: Only 0.40% of the deposit value per quarter, already including insurance coverage as well as sales tax
  • Physical delivery: On site free of charge
  • Use of login to vault camera and all documents: Free of charge
  • Duty-free storage: 19% VAT savings on silver purchases

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