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Author Jochen Dehio in portrait

Portrait Jochen DehioJochen Dehio, a great-grandnephew of the well-known art historian Georg Dehio, studied economics and social sciences at the University of Bonn and earned his doctorate at a renowned chair of economics. Since the mid-1990s, he has been working in innovation research at one of the major German economic research institutes. In addition, he has been studying developments on the world's stock exchanges and on the financial and precious metals markets for many years.

Precious metals have been around for thousands of years. Dehio takes a unique look into the future. A book for all who are concerned about the excesses of our financial system and the existence of their assets.


Book Gold or Silver

The connection to precious metals was laid in my cradle, because my Estonian ancestors were silver refiners Degussa [1] - at that time one of the most important precious metal companies in the world - who lived for some time on the Hof Eich manor, in the rooms that I later occupied myself during my childhood and youth. It was therefore no coincidence that, from childhood onwards, I was regularly given precious metal coins as gifts on special occasions.

All this, as well as the legendary book The Silver Plot[2], an absolute eye-opener, contributed to awakening an interest in me for the developments on the precious metal markets at an early age. Due to my background in economics and my extensive stock market experience with a focus on precious metal investments, the idea matured in me to write a book about the economic significance of precious metals. After several years of intensive research, I am pleased to be able to present it now. In the course of completing the book, I received many suggestions, for which I would like to thank all those who contributed.

All explanations in this book are scientifically well-founded, but at the same time also understandable for those who have so far only little dealt with precious metals. The emphasis is on generally available information, so that it is possible to understand what the discussions, analyses and conclusions are based on. Numerous charts, tables, and excursions on special topics serve to improve the readability of the text.

Jochen Dehio, November 2012



Gold and silver for beginners

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"An exciting and instructive book, which even for people like me, who have never dealt with this subject, arouses interest in investing in precious metals." - Concluded the editor, who subsequently bought gold for the first time.
What are the pros and cons of precious metals? Which bars and coins are recommended and why? What are typical beginner mistakes and how can you recognize a reputable precious metals dealer? Where and how to store precious metals safely? To these and many other questions (not only) beginners will find answers and tips in this approximately 200 pages comprehensive basic reading of precious metals expert Tim Schieferstein on the subject of gold and silver.
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