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Capital investment in jewelry and gold and silverware

Gold and silver jewelry as well as gold and silverware are popular everyday items. While jewelry is worn in the form of bracelets, brooches, necklaces, ear pendants or rings, gold and silverware are used, among other things, as picture frames, paperweights, lighters, tie bars, pens, art objects, candlesticks, musical instruments, goblets, watches, vases, Christmas ornaments or cigarette cases. In addition, the famous silverware is important (including service, cutlery, drinking vessels, gravy boats).


Jewelry as well as gold and silverware also represent an investment. Although their premiums are higher compared to coins and bars, which only have to be cast and minted, due to the labor and capital costs for processing, they also have a higher intrinsic value and a utility value, and sometimes also an ideal value (e.g. in the case of heirlooms).



Inherit and bequeath precious metals

Guidebook on inheritance and bequest of precious metals free as eBook

In this guidebook you will learn how you can pass on precious metal assets to your beneficiaries in a tax-optimized way and what you should pay attention to regarding the inheritance / legacy of gold and silver. You will receive it free of charge as a PDF file if you sign up for our newsletter.

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Gold and silver for beginners

Book & eBook "Gold & Silver for Beginners" free for you

"An exciting and educational book that will spark interest in investing in precious metals even for people like me who have never studied the subject before." - Concluded the editor, who subsequently bought gold for the first time.
What are the pros and cons of precious metals? Which bars and coins are recommended and why? What are typical beginner mistakes and how can you recognize a reputable precious metals dealer? Where and how to store precious metals safely? To these and many other questions (not only) beginners will find answers and tips in this approximately 200 pages comprehensive basic reading of precious metals expert Tim Schieferstein on the subject of gold and silver.
With this book we would like to carry out clearing-up work and make so the entrance into a capital investment in precious metals easy. Therefore gives both the eBook and the printed book to you! Secure your copy today!

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