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30 x 1 Unze Gold Krügerrand 2024

Bundle 1 Ounce Gold Krugerrand 2022

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  • 30x 1 Ounce Gold Krugerrand 2022


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This Investment Bundle contains:

The Krugerrand - the classic since 1967:  With the Krugerrand 1 ounce from South... more
Product information "1 Ounce Gold Krugerrand 2022"

The Krugerrand - the classic since 1967: With the Krugerrand 1 ounce from South Africa you buy one of the oldest investment gold coins, which has been produced by the South African Mint since 1967. The South African gold coin is therefore the classic to profit from the performance of the gold price. Feature of the Krugerrand coin is the reddish glow compared to other gold coins, which is caused by the admixture of copper.



The history of the Krugerrand coin

The first Krugerrand coin was minted on July 03, 1967 in South Africa. The fact that the first bullion coin came from South Africa is not surprising, because the country has always been one of the largest gold producers on earth. Due to the reserves, it was possible to achieve a relatively large circulation, with between 30,000 and 50,000 pieces of the coin with a weight of one ounce being minted annually until 1969, and from 1970 the circulation even increased to over 200,000 coins per year. From 1974, demand increased so strongly that by this time several million Krugerrand coins were already crossing the counter. In 1980, the decision was also made to expand the denominations. Since then, not only coins weighing one ounce have been produced, but also coins in the ½ ounce, ¼ ounce and 1/10 ounce weight classes.

Due to the ongoing apartheid in South Africa, the European Community as well as the United States imposed a trade ban. Due to this boycott, the Krugerrand was also no longer allowed to be imported. As a result, circulation dropped enormously. The lowest point was reached in 1995, when only a little more than 8,000 one-ounce coins could be sold. While ownership and trade were never banned, many banks offered to exchange them for Maple Leaf gold coins. This led to a large meltdown of numerous Krugerrand coins. With the easing of sanctions in 1999, production increased again, but the highs of the 1980s have not yet been reached. 


The Krugerrand coin - a gold coin with a slight red tint

Unlike other gold bullion coins, the South African Krugerrand is not minted from fine gold with a purity of 999.9. Traditionally, 22-karat gold with a fineness of 91.6 percent is used to produce the coin. The remaining portion consists of copper. This gives the Krugerrand its typical reddish color, which makes it very popular with many investors. However, the high copper content is not only visually appealing, it also has several advantages.

While other bullion coins made of soft fine gold scratch very easily, it has a much higher robustness. Thus, the coin could theoretically even be used as a circulation coin for a longer period of time. Even today, it is still official currency in South Africa. However, its value fluctuates on the basis of the respective gold prices determined, which corresponds to the fixing on the gold exchange. Therefore, it is used more for investment purposes and less for actual payment.

Weight and dimensions of the Krugerrand to a troy ounce

The weight of a Krugerrand coin is 33.93 grams, which at a fineness of 916.67 ‰  (=22 carats) corresponds to a fine gold weight of one troy ounce (= 31.10 grams). With a diameter of 32.6 mm, the coin is comparable in size to other 1-ounce gold coins and has a thickness of 2.75 mm.

Krugerrand coins are currently available in the following denominations

  Diameter Thickness Cuts Weight
1 oz 32,77 mm 2,84 mm 160 33,930 g
1/2 oz 27,07 mm 2,215 mm 185 16,965 g
1/4 oz 22,06 mm 1.888 mm   8,482 g
1/10 oz 16.55 mm 1.35 mm   3,393 g

The Krugerrand 1 oz is the most common size of the popular Krugerrand bullion coin.

Graziler springbok on the Krugerrand gold coin

On the obverse of the Krugerrand, arguably South Africa's best-known export, you can see a running springbok as it can be admired in the many national parks. The artistic motif of the springbok was created by Coert Steynberg. He was a famous South African sculptor who lived from 1905 to 1982. The springbok motif dates back to 1947, and although the 1-fine ounce coin is legal tender, no value is found on the obverse. To the left and right of the springbok is the year. The annual mintage is in the six to seven figure range. At the top of the obverse is the name "Krugerrand", yet in Germany the coin is spelled and pronounced ü.

At the bottom, in Afrikaans and English, is the inscription "Fyngould 1 oz Fine Gold," which means 1 troy ounce of gold.

If you turn the South African gold coin to look at the lapel, you will notice that the knurling is not smooth. This security feature ensures that you can't just "scratch" off the coin and reduce its weight and value - a relic from centuries of coinage history.

Reverse of the coin Krugerrand 1 ounce shows Paul Kruger

On the edge of the lapel is bilingual country of origin: Suid Africa - South Africa. In the center is the full-bearded Paul Kruger in profile. The portrait is by Otto Schulz and was created in 1967, the year of the first edition. Paul Kruger, of German origin, was President of the South African Republic from 1892 to 1902 and also gave his name to the Kruger National Park.

The Krugerrand namesake Paul Kruger

The name Krugerrand, which was derived from the actual name Krugerrand, is composed of two parts. The main namesake is former Burian general Paul Kruger, whose portrait appears on the obverse. The South African politician, who fought for the autonomy of the Boer states and independence from Great Britain, was president of the South African Republic in the years 1882 - 1902. After the Boers threatened to lose the battle in 1902, he traveled to the German Kaiser and asked for help. However, this was refused. A return to South Africa was impossible due to the siege. Paul Kruger died in Switzerland in 1904.

6 tips to buy Krugerrand:

1. Good choice, because scratch-resistant

Unlike many other gold coins, the Krugerrand coin is only 91.6% gold and the rest is a copper mixture. This has the advantage of making the coin more scratch resistant than others made of 99.99% gold, as gold is very soft. The South African gold coin is therefore ideally suited to still look "like new" for decades.

2. prefer 1 oz to other sizes

Unless there are good reasons, such as a desire for small denominations, not to do so, you should give preference to the 1 oz variant of the Krugerrand over the smaller ½, ¼ or 1/10 denominations.

Krugerrand size comparison

As with all bars and coins, the minting costs turn out to be higher as a percentage of the material value - so you get less gold for your money. 

Also, when you sell the coins later, the difference between the buying and selling price is usually higher.

3. Buy Tubesize

If your budget allows it, it is recommended to buy Krugerrands in the number of pieces as they are packed in so-called tubes (= coin tubes). The advantage of this is that you can store the coins in a space-saving way and they will not get scratched.

Krugerrand size comparison

Concretely, this means to order in these quantities:

Product name Number of coins per tube
1 ounce Krugerrand 10
1/2 ounce Krugerrand 15
1/4 ounce Krugerrand 50
1/10 ounce Krugerrand 50

4. Freshly minted coins from the current year's issue

If you want to get freshly minted gold coins, it is recommended to order the current vintage. This new product is usually a little bit more expensive than older vintages. 

5. Old vintages for thrifty and secretive people

The Krugerrand has been around since 1967 and has been minted millions of times. Due to its less scratch-prone material mixture, there are also many Krugerrand coins that have already decades "on the hump" and still look like new. 

In some cases, these pieces, which come from purchases, are offered at somewhat lower prices - a good deal for bargain hunters. 

Another advantage is that the imprinted year makes it harder to draw conclusions about when the coin was purchased: While a current vintage may have been purchased no more than 12 months ago, a 1967 Krugerrand may have been purchased sometime in the last 50 years. Some investors value this added discretion. 

6. Purchase at the desired price

With our limit order feature, you can specify a maximum price at which you are willing to buy. If the selling price falls back to this price within the period you have chosen, your limit order will be executed. Otherwise it expires. With this function you can already place an order today, if you assume that the gold price will still fall a little bit - you won't miss a low entry price in any case. 

You will find the limit order function at the top below the "Add to Cart" button. 

Krugerrand circulation per weight class by years 

Year Number of different coins Total number of
Total number of
  1 oz 1/2 oz 1/4 oz 1/10 oz    
1967 40.000 - - - 40.000 40.000
1968 20.000 - - - 20.000 20.000
1969 20.000 - - - 20.000 20.000
1970  211.018 - - - 211.018 211.018
1971 550.200 - - - 550.200 550.200
1972 543.700 - - - 543.700 543.700
1973 859.300 - - - 859.300 859.300
1974 3.203.675 - - - 3.203.675 3.203.675
1975 4.803.925 - - - 4.803.925 4.803.925
1976 3.004.945 - - - 3.004.945 3.004.945
1977 3.331.344 - - - 3.331.344 3.331.344
1978 6.012.293 - - - 6.012.293 6.012.293
1979 4.940.755 - - - 4.940.755 4.940.755
1980 2.845.872 245.096 353.916 856.011 4.300.895 3.142.500
1981 3.108.968 257.063 844.737 1.108.331 5.319.099 3.559.517
1982 2.179.120 222.044 695.755 1.017.192 4.114.111 2.565.800
1983 3.169.200 227.435 545.292 741.222 4.683.149 3.493.363
1984 2.305.128 197.438 622.813 755.988 3.881.367 2.635.149
1985 609.837 98.783 354.964 382.137 1.445.721 786.183
1986 698.600 17.134 15.044 81.451 812.229 719.073
1987 312.177 10.398 8.806 53.628 385.009 324.940
1988 307.612 3.214 8.418 54.058 373.302 316.729
1989 308.923 4.254 6.513 40.875 360.565 316.766
1990 286.808 3.996 6.980 52.225 350.009 295.774
1991 42.334 2.678 5.815 44.206 95.033 49.547
1992 50.630 4.366 7.601 55.440 118.037 60.257
1993 163.909 14.156 19.663 72.477 270.205 183.150
1994 278.815 17.709 22.091 87.814 406.429 301.974
1995 8.285 17.694 15.459 43.159 84.597 25.313
1996 17.163 2.488 7.867 36.035 63.553 23.977
1997 12.199 10.746 12.889 39.664 75.498 24.761
1998 12.703 7.984 14.174 30.386 65.247 23.277
1999 21.845 23.738 28.671 50.098 124.352 45.892
2000 6.657 2.593 2.517 19.567 31.334 10.539
2001 33.406 3.337 5.846 21.938 64.527 38.730
2002 85.841 2.724 4.464 13.420 106.449 89.661
2003 41.995 2.363 4.279 7.315 55.952 44.978
2004 87.794 2.847 604 898 92.113 89.455
2005 27.570 6.338 8.141 21.560 63.609 34.930
2006 50.790 9.576 8.645 14.743 83.754 59.214
2007 194.451 11.775 3.890 8.769 218.885 202.188
2008 256.288 10.999 13.685 14.681 295.653 266.677
2009 731.262 40.071 37.325 83.181 891.839 768.947
2010 613.870 25.714 39.244 58.731 737.559 642.411
2011 722.938 32.718 35.025 79.151 869.832 755.968
2012 716.295 50.035 41.659 80.102 888.091 759.737
2013 833.261 27.613 29.779 73.059 963.712 861.818
Total 48.603.701 1.617.117 3.832.571 6.099.482 60.152.871 50.980.350

The prices of the Krugerrand gold coin

The Krugerrand gold coin is made of 91.6 percent fine gold. Its current price is thus based on the development of the gold price, which is determined daily on the world stock exchanges in U.S. dollars per troy ounce. This makes the bullion coin also desirable as an investment object. Because investors have the opportunity to profit from rising gold prices. At the same time, an investment in gold is a tangible asset investment that can be used to protect existing assets against the loss in value of book currencies in the long term.

Both the purchase and the sale of Krugerrand gold coins are therefore made at the current daily rate. Since the price of gold can change daily, it is important to call up the current rates before each purchase as well as before each sale and to trigger orders only afterwards.

Tip: Buy and sell Krugerrands online

Through us you can buy the Krugerrand 1 ounce gold coin and the smaller variants of 1/2, 1/4 and 1/10 troy ounce cheap online at a low price. Value added tax does not apply to gold coins in general. Meanwhile, there is even a silver variant of the Krugerrand.

If you want tosell us yourgold coins, simply place the corresponding items in the desired quantity via the sell button in the purchase basket and complete your sale. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation and all further information about shipping and payment.

The stated purchase price is only valid for as good as new items in tradable condition. Otherwise we will buy the items as scrap gold. This also applies to products that we do not have in our assortment. For more information: to the gold purchase.

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Artikelnummer: BD-AU-M-KR-001-30
Metal: Gold
Manufacturer: South African Mint
Country of origin: South Africa
Vintage: 2024
State: as new or mint
Gross weight: 33,93 g
Fine weight: 1 oz (31.10 g)
Fineness: 916,67 / 1.000
Diameter: 33,00 mm
Single packing: in transparent coin pouch
Quantity packaging: 10 each in plastic tube
Storage locations: Storage in Liechtenstein (LI), Storage in Frankfurt a. M. (D), Storage in Zurich (CH), Storage in Halifax (CA)
Intended use: Bullion coin
Special price: Yes
10 x 1 Unze Gold Krügerrand 2024
Bundle 1 Ounce Gold Krugerrand 2022
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100 x 1 Unze Gold Krügerrand 2024
Bundle 1 Ounce Gold Krugerrand 2022
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