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Gold and Silver Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Commodities (ETCs)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are listed funds backed by physical precious metals, while Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs) are physically backed perpetual debt securities (securities loans). Above all, ETFs, which have enjoyed very strong popularity for some years now, are of considerable importance for demand in the investment sector and thus also for the price development of silver, as they make it easier for large investors to invest in the physical precious metal markets.

The advantage of the funds for investors is, among other things, that they take care of the storage and insurance of the physical material. Less recommended are ETFs for retail investors, for whom coins are more suitable. This is because in times of crisis, it cannot be ruled out that the precious metals accumulated by an ETF will be confiscated by the state. In addition, due to the sometimes low transparency, it cannot be guaranteed beyond doubt that an ETF actually deposits precious metals to the required extent, as this is difficult to verify. For some ETFs, lending of the physical holdings is also possible. An ETF that cannot definitively rule out such lending or prove beyond doubt the existence of the physical holdings to be deposited should be avoided. ETFs are VAT-exempt, but subject to final withholding tax in Germany.




Should you buy gold

Guide to buying gold and silver free of charge as an eBook

This guide is not so much about what mistakes you should avoid when buying gold and silver, but what are the differences and similarities or advantages and disadvantages of the two precious metals gold and silver in comparison? What to look for when buying gold or silver? How does the gold-silver ratio behave and where can you view this and much more red-hot information? You will receive our guide free of charge as a PDF file when you sign up for our newsletter.

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Gold and silver for beginners

Book & eBook "Gold & Silver for Beginners" free for you

"An exciting and educational book that will spark interest in investing in precious metals even for people like me who have never looked into this topic before." - Concluded the editor, who subsequently bought gold for the first time.
What are the pros and cons of precious metals? Which bars and coins are recommended and why? What are typical beginner mistakes and how can you recognize a reputable precious metals dealer? Where and how to store precious metals safely? To these and many other questions (not only) beginners will find answers and tips in this approximately 200 pages comprehensive basic reading of precious metals expert Tim Schieferstein on the subject of gold and silver.
With this book we would like to carry out clearing-up work and make so the entrance into a capital investment in precious metals easy. Therefore gives both the eBook and the printed book to you! Secure your copy today!

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