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100 x 1 g Combicoin silver coin tablet

Fine weight: 100,0000 Gramm ( ... * / 1 Gramm)

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Silver coin bars 100 g as silver combicoin 100 x 1 g from Valcambi offer enormous advantages... more
Product information "100 x 1 g Combicoin silver coin tablet"

Silver coin bars 100 g as silver combicoin 100 x 1 g from Valcambi offer enormous advantages over normal silver bars. Compared to silver bars, you do not buy silver coin bars with 19% VAT, but differentially taxed according to §25a UStG, because they are accepted as a means of payment. Each small silver bar of 1 g has a nominal value of 0.1 CID (Cook Island Dollar). Furthermore, by deciding to buy silver Combicoin 100 g from Valcambi, you have the advantage of receiving a silver coin bar divided into 100 x 1 g small silver bars. The Combicoin silver coin bars 100 g are produced by the Swiss Valcambi SA and comply with the LBMA good delivery standard. The Combicoin 100 g silver coin bars are easy to divide into the individual 1 g bars due to the predetermined breaking point, in case you want to sell a part of the silver coin bars. With the Combicoin silver coin bars from Valcambi you buy a flexible and inflation-independent tangible asset in silver, because you do not necessarily have to sell the complete silver coin bar if you need liquidity.

Specification, dimensions and details of silver Combicoin coin bars from Valcambi

The Combicoin silver coin bars 100 g from Valcambi measure 74 x 105 x 1.5 mm. The A7 format allows the silver Combicoin coin bars to be stored conveniently and easily. The silver coin bar Combicoin 100 g is divided into 100 silver bars of 1 g each, which can be separated individually.

The coin side of the Combicoin silver coin bars feature the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, with Queen Elizabeth II and Cook Island embossed above. The payment side of the silver Combicoin coin bars 100 g (100 x 1 g) from Valcambi show the classic fertility motif of the South Seas paradise Cook Island. Furthermore, you can recognize the CHI ESSAYEUR FONDEUR Good Delivery mint mark on the silver Combicoin coin bars.

Information about the silver Combicoin manufacturer Valcambi

Valcambi was founded in 1961. Schweizerische Kreditanstalt took a majority stake of 80 percent in 1967, which was increased to 100 percent in 1980. Based in Balerna, Switzerland, Valcambi processed gold in different varieties between 1967 and 2003, coining and distributing them with Credit Suisse. Valcambi has held the right to manufacture and distribute the CombiBar patent since 2011. Combicoins, like Combibars, are ESG patented investment products with high flexibility.

Tips and info on buying and selling 100 x 1 g Combicoin silver coin tablet

With Combicoin silver coin bars 100 g you buy 100 silver coin bars á 1 g, which are connected by predetermined breaking points and can be easily separated. The Combicoin silver coin bars 100 x 1 g are sealed in foil as complete bars, with the head and pay side visible. By accepting the silver coin bars 100 g as a means of payment, you benefit from the differential taxation according to §25a UStG compared to the conventional silver bars, which have to be taxed at 19%.

If you want to sell us your silver bars, simply place the corresponding items in the desired quantity via the sell button in the purchase basket and complete your sale. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation and all further information about shipping and payment.

The stated purchase price is only valid for as good as new items in tradable condition. Otherwise we will buy the items as old silver. This also applies to products that we do not have in our assortment. For more information: to the silver purchase.

Please note that we buy silver coin bars exclusively original packaging .

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Artikelnummer: AG-MB-DIV-006
Metal: Silver
Manufacturer: Valcambi
Country of origin: Switzerland
Vintage: Various
State: as new or mint
Gross weight: 100,00 g
Fine weight: 3.22 oz (100 g)
Fineness: 999,0 / 1.000
Nominal value: 100 x 0.1 Cook Island Dollars
Dimensions: 74 x 105 x 1.5 mm
Manufacturing process: embossed
Single packing: shrink-wrapped in original clear plastic blister pack
Quantity packaging: analog individual packaging
Storage: Combicoin
Intended use: Investment Bars
Vorderseite Goldbarren 50 x 1 Gramm in Blisterkarte, der Hersteller Heimerle & Meule
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50 x 1 g CombiBar Goldtafel Heimerle und Meule
Content 50,0000 Gramm (€62.69 * / 1 Gramm)
€3,134.49 * MwSt.-frei | plus shipping costs

Expected to be available from 25 February 2024

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