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5 Kg Umicore Silber-Münzbarren mit Andorra-Münzemblem von Hersteller Umicore

5 kg silver Andorra coin bar

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Silver bars  with a weight of 5 kg represent a stable tangible investment in precious... more
Product information "5 kg silver Andorra coin bar"

Silver bars with a weight of 5 kg represent a stable tangible investment in precious metals. With us you can buy 5 kg silver bars from the manufacturers Umicore and Heraeus, from which manufacturer your 5 kg silver bars will be delivered, you can not choose. We reserve the right to decide this according to availability. However, you can be sure that all silver bars in our assortment meet the Good Delivery Standard of the LBMA, therefore when you sell them, they will be accepted by every major bank and precious metals dealer. In addition to the 5 kg silver bars from Heraeus and Umicore, you will also find 15 kg silver bars from Umicore, 1 kg and 500 g silver bars from Umicore, Heraeus and Degussa as well as 250 g silver bars from Umicore and Heraeus in our range of products.

Large silver bars are produced only by some manufacturers, therefore individual weight classes of silver bars are not offered by all manufacturers in our assortment.

Dimensions and details of silver bars weighing 5 kg

In our assortment you can buy silver bars with a weight of 5 kg, which we supply from the manufacturers Umicore or Heraeus. 5 kg silver bars are offered in cast form, the logo and specifications on the surface are stamped accordingly after casting.

5 kg silver bars from Heraeus have the dimensions 246 x 70 x 34 mm. On the surface you can see Heraeus, including fine silver 999.0, the manufacturer's logo, the weight 5 kilograms. There is no serial number stamped on the Heraeus silver bars.

The 5 kg silver bars from Umicore measure approximately 165 x 72 mm on the top, 149 x 55 mm on the bottom and are 51 mm thick. The image on the 5 kg silver bars shows umicore at the top and the logo next to it, below you can see FEINSILBER and 999. The weight 5,000 g is stamped in the lower part of the surface, as well as the serial number, if applicable.

Tips for silver bar 5 kg purchase and sale, price and value in €

We offer 5 kg silver bars at a price in €, which is based on the current silver rate. If you want to buy several 5 kg silver bars for your asset portfolio, you will get a stable tangible asset, but due to the dimensions of the individual silver bars can be relatively large. Therefore, it makes sense to think about a safe storage place where the relatively large silver bars can be deposited before buying silver bars.

If you buy silver bars of 5 kg and sell them only after more than one year, no final withholding tax will be due on the resulting profit.

If you want to sell us your silver bars, simply place the corresponding items in the desired quantity via the Sell button in the purchase basket and complete your sale. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation and all further information about shipping and payment.

The stated purchase price is only valid for as good as new items in tradable condition. Otherwise we will buy the items as old silver. This also applies to products that we do not have in our assortment. For more information: to the silver purchase.

Please note that we buy silver coin bars exclusively original packaging .

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Artikelnummer: AG-MB-DIV-002
Metal: Silver
Manufacturer: Umicore
Country of origin: Belgium
Vintage: Various
State: as new or mint
Gross weight: 5,00 kg
Fine weight: 160.75 oz (5000 g)
Fineness: 999,0 / 1.000
Nominal value: 150 Diners
Sustainability: Secondary material
Manufacturing process: cast
Single packing: shrink wrapped
Intended use: Investment Bars

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