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Gold price projection according to Eeden-Müller

Gold price projection according to Eeden-Müller

In the Eeden-Müller gold price theory[1], the determinants of the gold is fixed and it had its "true intrinsic value" in the middle of the 20th century at US$35 per troy ounce, gold production leads to a decrease, while money supply expansion leads to an increase in the gold price et vice versa.

The model was used to calculate a theoretical gold price of US$1,000 as early as 2005.[2] Three years later, it actually broke through this mark. Since it is assumed that underground gold deposits will be depleted by the mid-2030s, gold production will then no longer have any influence on the gold price. Assuming further expansionary money supply growth, the model then predicts a gold price of US$10,000. Since a constant intrinsic value and constant purchasing power of gold are assumed, this development primarily reflects the loss of purchasing power of the dollar.


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This article was written by Dr. Jochen Dehio - author of the book"Gold oder Silber - wem gehört die Zukunft?

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