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Good Delivery - the LBMA certification for manufacturers of gold bars and silver bars

Manufacturers who are LBMA certified meet established specifications in the production of gold bars, silver bars and platinum bars.

Detailed information about the exact specifications of gold bars and silver bars in the Good Delivery Standard are presented in the tables below:

Gold Specification
Weight  Approximate 400 troy ounces / 12.4 kg
Minimum gold content: 350 troy ounces / 10.9 kg
Maximum gold content: 430 troy ounces / 13.4 kg
Dimensions Length (top): 250mm +/- 40mm
Width (top): 70mm +/- 15mm
Height: 35mm +/- 15mm
Fineness Minimum 995.0 / 1000 or 99.50%
Markings Serial number, manufacturer's test number, fineness (accurate to four significant digits), year of manufacture


Silver Specification
Weight  Approximate 1000 troy ounces / 31.1 kg
Minimum gold content: 750 troy ounces / 23.3 kg
Maximum gold content: 1100 troy ounces / 34.2 kg
Dimensions Length (top): 300mm +/- 50mm
Width (top): 130mm +/- 20mm
Height: 80mm +/- 20mm
Fineness At least 999.0 / 1000 or 99.90%
Markings Serial number, manufacturer's test number, fineness (accurate to four significant digits), year of manufacture


High security and international acceptance of Good Delivery bars

With the LBMA certificate of the manufacturers listed in the Good Delivery List, when you buy silver bars and gold bars you are assured that your precious metal assets have been manufactured according to strict and internationally valid criteria, are internationally recognized and accepted by all major banks and precious metal dealers. The Good Delivery List also ensures that the gold bars and silver bars are exactly the weight that is stamped or stamped on the Good Delivery bars.

Exclusively Good Delivery gold bars and silver bars in our assortment

In our assortment you will find exclusively Good Delivery bars from manufacturers with LBMA certificate. We offer gold and silver bars from the manufacturers Umicore, Heraeus and Degussa. Furthermore, you will find in our assortment a special variant of Good Delivery bars, which are LBMA certified: Combibar. Combibars are table bars, which are composed of individual 1 g gold bars or silver bars, which are connected by predetermined breaking points and can be easily separated, in order to sell them if necessary or to present them as a high-quality gift.

Advantages of Good Delivery bars over Non Good Delivery bars

When you buy silver and goldby means of a Good Delivery Standard Bar  , you can be sure that the purity and weight information on the gold bars and silver bars is correct and the manufacturers have LBMA certification. Gold bars and silver bars that will not meet the requirements of the established standard by the Good Delivery list must be marked NGD - Non Good Delivery. Gold bars and silver bars that are NGD are not eligible for international trading, which means that they will not be accepted by every major bank and precious metals dealer, and you may not be able to use them to meet short-term liquidity needs in an emergency.

Origin of the Good Delivery List of the LBMA

London has been one of the leading places in the international precious metals trade since as early as the 17th century. The roots of the LBMA's Good Delivery List lie in the 1979 meeting of leading dealers from Zurich and London to establish guidelines for the origin and precise specification of precious metals. This was the foundation for today's quality and security standards of Good Delivery gold and silver bars, which are LBMA certified.

Gold bars silver bars surcharge

Gold bars silver bars surcharge

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