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FAQ about taxes on gold and silver

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Is value added tax due on the purchase of gold?

No, all gold bars and coins offered by us count as investment gold according to §25c of the Value Added Tax Act. There is no value added tax on the purchase of investment gold.

Do I have to pay value added tax when buying silver?

It depends on what you choose: Basically, purchases of silver coins and bars are subject to 19% VAT. For most silver coins there is the possibility that we as a dealer offer these differentially taxed. A differentially taxed silver coin is up to 12% cheaper than one with 19% VAT.

Therefore, when buying silver, we recommend either buying silver coins that are subject to differential taxation or combining the purchase of silver with duty-free storage.

Our tip: You should avoid these 7 mistakes when buying silver!

What is meant by differential taxation on silver coins?

Dealers, like us, who use the possibility of differential taxation, can offer silver coins up to 12% cheaper compared to a regular taxed sale with 19% VAT.

If you want to know more, you can find details in our guide to differential taxation of silver coins.

Do you have to pay taxes on your profits from buying and selling precious metals?

No, not as a rule: If there are at least 12 months between the purchase and the sale, the increase in value of precious metals can be taxed. We will be happy to explain this to you using a calculation example.

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