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buy and sell 1 kg silver coins at fair price

Here you can buy 1 kg of silver price.

With 1 kg of silver uniform 19%.

Brief presentation of the 1 kilo silver coins in our assortment:

Here we would like to present some of the 1 kg silver coins that you can buy or sell here.

1 KG Koala silver coin1 kg Koala silver coin

The  1 kg Australian Koala silver coin is an Australian bullion coin that has been issued by the Perth Mint Australia since 2007. The 1 kg silver coin, which you can buy or sell here at a fair price, measures around 100.6 mm in diameter and is about 14.6 mm thick. The 1 kg Australian Koala coin is made of fine silver, and thus with a fineness of 999 thousandths, so the raw and fine weight of the silver coin are identical. For more details on the 1 Kilo Koala Silver Coin, please see the product portrait.

1 KG Kookaburra silver coin1 Kilo Kookaburra Silver Coin

Another Australian bullion coin in our range is the 1 kg Kookaburra silver coin, which fascinates with the impressive motif of the Australian bird Kookaburra, which is the largest of its kind in the family of kingfishers. The approximately 14.4 mm thick 1 kg silver coin is made of fine silver and measures about 100.6 mm in diameter. More details about the 1 kg Kookaburra silver coin, its price and value are available in the product portrait .

1 kg Armenia Noah's Ark Silver Coin

Since 2011, the 1 kg Armenia Noah's Ark silver coin, also called Noah's Ark, has been issued as an Armenian bullion coin under license from the Central Bank of Armenia by Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung. The motif of the silver coin depicts the Bible narrative of Noah and his Ark and is complemented by the image of Mount Ararat and a dove.

1 Kilo China Panda Silver Coin

Another 1 kilo silver coin that you can buy or sell here at a fair price is the 1 kg China Panda silver coin. Minted by the Shanghai Mint from fine silver, the 1 kilo China Panda silver coin has a diameter of 100 mm and is adorned with impressive panda motifs that change annually.


Overview of known 1 kilo silver coins

Name of the 1 kilo silver coinFirst year of mintageIssuing countryMintMotif
1 kg Kookaburra 1992 Australia Perth Mint yearly changing
1 kg Koala 2008 Australia Perth Mint yearly changing
1 kg Lunar Series I 1999 Australia Perth Mint yearly changing
1 kg Lunar Series II 2008 Australia Perth Mint yearly changing
1 kg Andorra Eagle 2010 Andorra Bavarian Central Mint constant
1 kg Noah's Ark 2010 Armenia Leipzig Precious Metal Processing (LEV) constant
1 kg Panda 1998 China Shanghai Mint, Shangyang Mint, Shenzhen Guoba Mint annually changing
1 kg Libertad 2002 Mexico Casa de Moneda de México constant
1 kg Aztec calendar 2007 Mexico Casa de Moneda de México constant


Why buy 1 kg silver coins?

For all those who are wondering what advantages the purchase of 1 kg silver coins has over 1 kg silver bars, we have compiled the following comparison. Which aspects of this are decisive for you, you must of course always decide individually.


Counterfeit protection

A 1 KG silver coin has due to your complex coin image basically a higher counterfeiting security. The coin image itself also has a security function.

Surcharge for coin image

For the coin image you pay a small surcharge compared to the 1 KG silver bar without minting.

Value increase for collectors possible

1 KG silver coins, especially limited editions, always have a collector's value. Here, additional value increases can potentially be achieved.

Surcharge for the minting

The 1 KG silver bar is, related to the pure material price, cheaper than the 1 KG silver coin, but does not have a potential collector's value like the 1 kg silver coins.

1 kg silver coins are more beautiful

A silver coin is probably the most beautiful way to buy 1 kg silver. Instead of a simple bar, you get a beautifully crafted coin with an appealing motif.

Bar units more popular with banks

Tendentally, 1 kg silver bars are somewhat easier to sell as a standardized unit than 1 kg silver coins. However, you should normally have no problems selling one of the standard 1 KG silver coins at your trusted dealer.

Inclusive protective packaging

You will usually receive your 1 kg silver coin including a protective capsule that will protect your silver coin from scratches and unsightly tarnishing.



Gold bars silver bars surcharge

To buy and sell 1 kg silver coins, their price and value we offer you further interesting information below:

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