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Silver and gold mining funds

Those who do not trust themselves or want to take the time to select mining companies themselves can resort to investment funds. Here, too, however, the problem arises of selecting suitable funds from the large range on offer. The hope of investing money in a fund that is then successfully managed by professionals is usually deceptive. Ultimately, funds that invest in mining companies are subject to the same risks as direct investments in such companies, and the performance of many funds also leaves much to be desired. There are several reasons for this:

  • The fees for buying a fund are higher than for buying individual shares, and in contrast, there are also ongoing costs that are sometimes difficult to identify.
  • Investment funds have to comply with various statutory or self-imposed requirements regarding the required cash holdings, the minimum investment ratio and the investment areas addressed, which limit their scope for action in terms of adapting to changing market conditions.
  • Due to their comparatively high volume, funds must invest predominantly in large stocks that are liquid in terms of the level of stock market turnover, which makes it more difficult to adequately take advantage of opportunities offered by smaller, promising companies.
  • Above a certain size, funds must ensure that their buy and sell decisions do not unduly influence the market, so as not to influence the relevant market constellations too much to their own disadvantage.
  • The performance of the stocks in which an actively managed fund invests depends on the luck and skill of the fund manager's decisions, with most funds  tending to underperform when measured against the market average.

A fund can be useful if, for example, investments are to be made in a promising market of a certain country, but the companies operating there are unknown. To what extent the supposedly good opportunities are then realized, however, is open.



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This article was written by Dr. Jochen Dehio - author of the book"Gold oder Silber - wem gehört die Zukunft?

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